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Custom garden shed builds & ‘flat pack’ shed construction.

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Custom Garden Sheds

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Garden Sheds

A garden shed is a small structure for your backyard or garden area, typically designed to store gardening tools, equipment, supplies but can also be designed for other purposes. Sheds contribute to the overall functionality and aesthetics of a garden or outdoor area and create storage space.

Anything is possible with our custom garden shed service: you imagine it, we build it!

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Pre-Built Garden Shed Construction

Pre-Fab Shed Assembly

A pre-fabricated (pre-fab) shed is a shed that is manufactured off-site in sections or modules, and then assembled at its final location. This type of shed is partially or completely constructed in a factory or workshop before being transported to the customer’s property for final assembly.

Pre-fab sheds offer several advantages, including:

Ease of assembly: Since these sheds are pre-fabricated, they often come with pre-made sections that fit together easily, making assembly simpler and quicker compared to building a shed from scratch.

Consistency: Being manufactured in a controlled environment, pre-fab sheds tend to have consistent quality in terms of materials and construction.

Customization: Many pre-fab sheds offer options for customization in terms of size, style, materials, and additional features, allowing customers to choose according to their needs.

Transportation: Components of pre-fab sheds are usually designed to be easily transported, making delivery to the customer’s location more convenient.

These sheds come in various materials such as wood, metal, or vinyl, and they offer different styles and designs to suit different preferences and purposes, ranging from basic storage sheds to more elaborate structures used as workshops, studios, or additional living spaces.

We can professionally assemble your pre-fab shed. Please get in touch with the details and we’ll provide a quote.

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Flat-Pack Sheds

A flat-pack shed is a type of shed that is delivered in a disassembled or “flat-pack” form. This means the shed components, including panels, beams, screws, and other necessary parts, are typically packed flat in a box or on a pallet for ease of transportation.

Flat-pack sheds are designed for assembly by the purchaser. These sheds are convenient for people who want a more cost-effective and manageable option compared to custom-built sheds.

Assembling a flat-pack shed generally requires tools, some technical skill, and patience. Prior to assembling the shed, a solid base needs to be constructed. The sizes, materials, and designs of flat-pack sheds can vary widely, offering customers a range of options to suit their needs and preferences.

HomeFix Designs offers both flat-pack shed assembly and the construction of a solid, quality base for the shed base.

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Garden Buildings

HomeFix Designs can create all types of outdoor buildings for any purpose:


This is a generic term that encompasses any small structure separate from the main building, often used for storage or specific activities.


Though primarily associated with a toilet or lavatory located outside a main dwelling, the term “outhouse” can also refer to a small outbuilding used for storage.


A shed specifically used for storing gardening tools, equipment, or implements.

Storage Shed

An enclosed structure primarily used for storing items, such as gardening tools, bikes, lawnmowers, or other household belongings.

Garden Shed

A shed often situated in a garden, used for storing gardening tools and supplies or as a workspace for gardening activities.


A shed or building where manual work or hobby-related activities take place, such as woodworking, crafting, or DIY projects.


A type of shed that is built to lean against another structure, like a house or a larger building.


While typically associated with small houses or dwellings, the term “cabin” can sometimes refer to a small, simple shed-like structure.

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Experienced Help at Hand

HomeFix Designs was founded by Andrew Jenkins who has a true passion for any type of building or gardening project, no matter how big or small. He wows his clients with creative ideas and adds value to any project through great solutions they wouldn't have otherwise thought of. That's what makes HomeFix Designs different: creative ideas and out of the box thinking, and all backed up with the experience to implement those ideas.

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